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Who we are and what we do - History of A.I.M. Vancouver

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From one of A.I.M.'s Founding Fathers, Ed Bell:

"The idea of an association to help injured motorcyclists started around Al Walker's kitchen table one night in 1983.  Al, Ray Leadbetter, Skip Stuart and myself discussed some of the pitfalls we had experienced in the recovery process after our accidents.  None of us had known how to find a good lawyer experienced in handling motorcycle claims, and our support came from friends and family, for those who had family here.

"We formed a volunteer society under the British Columbia Societies Act and created a network of member/riders who would let us know of any downed riders in need of assistance.  Initial funding came from dances and other social events, and from various supporters.

"We started hospital visits, formed a network of legal and rehabilitative professionals, and helped where we could.  Long time motorcyclist Terry Rea was instrumental in promoting A.I.M. to the motorcycle community and dealers.

"We are all very proud that after 26 years A.I.M. is still going strong with additional provincial chapters.  It is a testament to the success of our mission statement."

The Association for Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) is a Registered Non-Profit Society created in 1983 to foster the necessary measures to assist motorcycle accident victims and their families.  At present A.I.M. serves over 220,000 motorcyclists and their families throughout British Columbia, with six Chapters and total membership of over 1,000.  A person does not have to be a motorcyclist to be a member of A.I.M., just have the desire to assist injured motorcyclists and their families and pay a minimal yearly membership.

The Vancouver Chapter of A.I.M. is also a Registered Canadian Charity.  Donations to the charity are utilised, in accordance with federal regulations and laws, to assist motorcycle accident victims and their families.  Official receipts for Income Tax purposes for Charitable Donations to A.I.M. are issued by the Vancouver Chapter, which also administers these funds to achieve the objectives of A.I.M. throughout British Columbia.

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