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Who we are and what we do - Chapters

A.I.M. Vancouver

Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley
13325 - 115th Avenue
Surrey, B.C., Canada
V3R 0R8

Tel: 604.580.0112
Fax: 604.580.0114

Vancouver Island

Please contact A.I.M. Vancouver until further notice.

Northern B.C. / Cariboo

Please contact A.I.M. Vancouver until further notice.

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The Association for Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) is a Non-Profit Society registered under the British Columbia Societies Act, and was created in 1983 to foster the necessary measures to assist motorcycle accident victims and their families.

Chapter objectives:

  • Provide volunteer support for motorcycle related accident victims and their families
  • Be a resource and information centre for the injured motorcyclist and their family members
  • Active in the community by promoting A.I.M. and the support our volunteers provide
  • Promote the importance of motorcycle training, safety and motorcycle awareness
  • Work with other community services and service clubs for the benefit of the injured motorcyclist and their families
  • Hold fundraising events and sell memberships in order to carry out the purposes and objectives of the Association
  • Improve our volunteers' knowledge for the benefit of injured riders through meetings, seminars and courses

A.I.M. volunteers provide assistance through hospital visits, informative documentation, patient journals and manuals, guidance through the bureaucratic maze of insurance claim issues, attending meetings, attending and hosting recreational activities, and providing advice regarding the various benefits available.

We supply downed riders with reading materials and TV rentals and have also arranged assessments for vehicle modifications.  We have covered travelling expenses for the families, donated funds, financed therapy visits, and even taken patients out to dinner or events for a change of pace and some enjoyment.

The Association's services are provided with strict confidentiality guidelines are available to all injured motorcyclists without distinction of race, sex, religion, nationality or language.  One does not need to be a member of A.I.M. to receive help, nor do we discriminate or judge who is at fault in any way.

Chapter's set up informational tables at events like Show 'n' shines and sanctioned motorcycle events, be it an event run by that A.I.M. chapter, another business or nonprofit organization that allows vendors.

Funding is attained by membership fees, donations, and recreational events.  A.I.M. uses those funds to help injured motorcycle riders and their families, whether they live in that chapter's area, or they are from out of town and need help.  Funds also cover visitation expenses incurred by the volunteers while they are promoting and delivering A.I.M. services.

Each chapter:

  • Must sign a trademark license agreement
  • Must register as a non-profit society under the Societies Act, and abide by the Societies Act in their Province
  • Must follow the bylaws and constitution of the Association for Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.)
  • Must acquire a permanent post office box or share with an address for the AIM with a reputable business or organization and a phone number
  • Is independent and autonomous in their daily activities
  • Is responsible for their own financials, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reporting, disbursements, etc.
  • Performs regular visitations, with follow-ups if applicable
  • Visits the injured rider within 48 hours of notification (this is very important as the family might need moral support, financial support, transportation, phone calls made, or have animals to be taken care of)
  • Raises funds for their area to help injured riders and their families
  • Have open meetings to the membership and public, preferably on a monthly basis
  • Does not pay dues or fees for the use of the A.I.M. name and logo
  • If possible, be able to send volunteers to support and help out at another chapter's fundraiser
  • Send two chapter delegates to attend the provincial meetings once a year
  • Communicate with all chapters and work together for the benefit of the injured motorcyclist and their families
  • Promote the importance of motorcycle training, safety, and motorcycle awareness
  • Promote improving the knowledge of A.I.M. volunteers to more effectively support and assist injured motorcyclists
  • Maintain the confidentiality of assisted injured motorcyclists and membership lists

If you see the need for an A.I.M. chapter in your area, are interested in starting one and have a minimum of five people who would volunteer, send an eMail to and tell us about yourselves, ask any questions you may have, and be sure to include your phone number and eMail address.

Thank you from all our AIM Chapters and for considering a Chapter in your area!

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