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Visitation reports - 2012

Visitations were down this year, mostly due to the weather.  With such a wet Spring, a lot of riders did not insure their bikes until June or July.

We assisted three riders from Vancouver Island and one from Alberta.  Also, one gentleman phoned looking for financial assistance for his son who was injured on a motorcycle in Thailand -- he had no insurance.  We were unable to help him.

As the years go by, people are being discharged from hospital earlier and earlier during their treatment and they benefit even more from our Home Visitations.

We gave four Christmas Hampers to downed riders this year.  One was for a father of two teenagers whose ICBC funds had been discontinued after over a year of recovery but he is still not able to go back to work.

The "Visitation Guidelines" training manual is complete.  Thanks to Jim McNeney for sponsoring it.  The Second Edition of the "Recovery Journal" should be finished by the end of January.  It is paid for by the ads that were sold.

We will be holding Visitation Volunteer training sessions this Spring and will offer them to the Northern Chapter (Prince George) and the Interior/Okanogan as well.

Gary Richardson, Visitation Director

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