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Visitation reports - 2011

This year we did 238 Visitations and helped 32 downed riders and 10 family members.  Of the 32, five were from outside the Lower Mainland and from the other Chapters' jurisdictions.

The majority were collision with another vehicle, most of them "left-hand turners."  Clearly, we need an education program for those driving four-wheeled vehicles.  Saying: "I didn't see you!" or "Where did you come from?" doesn't cut it.  Like cars, motorcycle headlights are wired to be on constantly when the bike is running.  How can they not see a headlight.  Because they didn't look.  BCCOMs annual "Look" campaign is essential to safety for our riders.

Although the number of Visitations was down from last year (345) the number of riders helped was about the same (33).  This may be partly attributed to the rainy Spring and Summer, partly to people being dishcarged from hospitals earlier, and fewer long term residents in GF Strong.

We look forward to a new year with a strong group of Visitation Volunteers.  However, we can always use more, so if you are interested, phone us at 604-580-0112 or log onto our email at

Gary Richardson, Visitation Director

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