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Visitation reports - 2009

As usual, this has been a busy year, although slightly less busy than last year.  We totalled 202 visitations, 112 phone consultations, totalling 314 visitations altogether; compared to 364 last year.  We attended 36 downed riders (45 last year) and helped 21 family members (35 last year).  This is for the entire year 2009: January 1 to December 31.  We don't know why the numbers are down slightly this year.  The weather was better than last year.  Maybe people are riding defensively.  It would be nice if this trend continues.  The fewer riders injured the better.

We are currently attending two downed riders who are wheelchair bound, one in GF Strong Rehab Centre and the other in the George Pearson Centre.  They are hoping they will be ready for discharge in two to three months.  We continue regular weekly visits to them both, and for Christmas, we met the rider in George Pearson at his local favourite restaurant for Christmas dinner.  The rider in GF Strong, we shared Christmas dinner with him at the Centre.  Several visitation volunteers showed up at both dinners and the clients really lit up when everyone showed up.  Many thanks for your support, guys and gals!

All of our Visitation Volunteers are dedicated and have done a wonderful job this year.  Each brings a unique approach to their visits and helps our clients greatly.  Throughout the year we have taken various Clients to the "rider friendly" Davidson Pitt Stop Restaurant, at 16225A Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC.  Our clients were able to meet other riders, sign their names on the wall, and Amy and Marco gave them each a T-shirt.  Way to go, Amy and Marco, who are huge supporters of A.I.M.  We appreciate all your help.

A number of our riders are from "up-country."  Due to the severe nature of their injuries, they are flown down here to hospitals that have the facilities and expertise to treat them.  Their convalescence is usually quite lengthy and we are heavily involved with them, squeezing in extra visits when we can.  When they return home, we send a referral to the local Chapter and suggest needs that have already been indicated to us by our client.  That way, regardless of where they live in the province, they can continue to receive assistance from AIM in general for a short duration until they have settled in at home.  In one case this year we also continued with a few visits to a downed rider after he went home to Summerland.

Gary Richardson, Visitation Director

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