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Visitation reports - Spring 2008

Visitations were frequent and demanding at the beginning of this year.  Several downed riders were visited several times as a number of them had been injured early last year and were still in GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre.  Some assistance was also provided to family members, mainly spouses who were asking questions related to benefits warranted by ICBC.  President Dave Munro fielded these inquiries, clarifying for the wives what they could reasonably expect.  They were encouraged to discuss the issues with their lawyer as well.

Currently there are still two downed riders in GF Strong and one is to be discharged soon - probably by the end of March.  The remaining rider will still be in for a while and requires continuing visitations which will be provided.  We have provided him with various motorcycle magazines as well.

One hopes that by the time Spring arrives, all of the riders injured the previous year are back functioning, however if they are seriously injured and left with a significant disability, we continue to visit them during their hospital and rehab stay and continue to offer them assistance, even after their discharge home.  Recovery can sometimes be slow.  Our support helps.

We have two more people added to our complement of volunteer visitors.  In addition to their willingness to do visitations, both have demonstrated an innate ability to relate easily to our clients and give them the emotional and moral support they require.  We look forward to working with them this year.

Currently underway are three projects to create: a) a daily diary for the injured rider to keep track of events for their lawyer; b) a set of guidelines for Visitation Volunteers to follow when visiting and; c) a handout to give to the downed rider outlining various benefits available and what steps are important to take and when, in order to ensure their financial stability during and after their recovery (e.g., when to apply for unemployment benefits and CPP disability benefits).  Also included will be information regarding the SPARC disability parking permit, ferry boarding permit (they place you next the elevator), etc.  We are looking for sponsors willing to donate a few hundred dollars to finance these projects so if you know anyone let me know and I will follow up.

I keep my fingers crossed that I won't be busy this year.  Everyone ride safe!

Gary Richardson, Visitation Director

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