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Visitation reports - 2007

2007 was a light year for accidents compared to previous years.  The biggest reason is probably because of the rain.  It rained almost every weekend this summer.  It has affected the local industry: even motorcycle and custom bike/chopper sales are down.

We had a total of six riders requiring visitations this year.  Three of them, all wheelchair bound, are currently in GF Strong and are still being visited.  While it has been a bad year for riding, we can take some consolation in the reduction in injured riders.

We are currently organizing a list of benefits that are available through ICBC and other organizations such as SPARC ( handicapped parking permit ), BC Ferries ( parking next to the elevator ), Provincial Government gas tax rebate, etc., which we will provide a downed rider.  This will help them negotiate the system.

We also provide a list of lawyers favorable to A.I.M. and who specialize in motorcycle accidents.  The lawyers we recommend will guide the downed rider through the insurance maze and ensure that they obtain all of the benefits available them.

We are starting a new year and can only hope the count remains low.

Ride safe.

Gary Richardson, Visitation Director

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