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Safety tips - Parking (backing in)

Parking (backing in)
by Randolf Richardson, 2005-Aug-18

When parking your vehicle, it is important to consider safety, which includes thinking ahead to when you'll be leaving.  If you back in to a parking spot, you have the following advantages after returning later to drive away:

  • better visibility of other traffic passing by (especially motorcycles)
  • reduced chance of colliding with pedestrians or other motorists
  • less time is required to exit (to drive away)

Some people may claim that driving backwards is more difficult, but there are two major problems with this argument:

  1. most parking stalls have only one entrance/exit, and you'll be forced to exit in reverse if you didn't back in when you parked
  2. if you're not comfortable driving in reverse, even if only to exit a parking stall, then you're likely posing a danger to pedestrians and fellow motorists when you do drive in reverse

If driving backwards is something you're not comfortable with, then practice will be helpful.  Many driving schools have instructors who can help you perfect this skill, and you can probably get specific instruction without having to take the entire course.  While you're there, you should consider getting them quickly review your general driving habits as well.

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